Practical Sailor Print Edition
  1. Safety at sea has become more than a noteworthy slogan. Many feel it defines the right game plan and gear choice to ensure a favorable outcome in challenging conditions. But at Practical Sailor, we also recognize its role in incident prevention, and we understand why one’s boat handling ability, navigation competency, weather awareness, and sound decision-making are just as important as the gear in the grab bag—perhaps even more so.

  2. What kind of line do you use in your davit tackle? My lines keep twisting, chafing, and jamming. The ropes run crooked in the blocks no matter how often I restring them,” asks Sailor One.

  3. Duct tape, parachute cord, and cable ties. We carry a boat full of tools and spare parts, but these three make every sailor’s list of indispensables for temporary repairs. We’ve reviewed conventional duct tape (“If you Can’t Duct it, Tough Duct it,” Practical Sailor, December 2009), self-bonding tapes (“Atomic Tape,” PS, December 2005), and gaffers tape, but somehow skipped over foil duct tape. It does a few things ordinary duct tape just can’t.

  4. Many sailors want to tuck an additional instrument display or autopilot control at the binnacle, but just don’t have the space. Seaview offers a very compact enclosure just right for this purpose. The Seaview SPOD is designed for adding a modern low-profile instrument display, autopilot, or other accessory to your sailboat helm. The SPOD is designed to be mounted either to the side of an existing chartplotter-sized enclosure or directly onto stainless rail.

  5. Multifunction display manufacturers have pushed their products through a dramatic evolution in the last five years as they try to keep pace with technology that we take for granted in our other electronics. Better interfaces, screen resolution, and the ability to download useful software apps (beyond navigation) are just some of the improvements. Most of the major vendors are on their third generation of touchscreen interfaces, higher resolution displays, downloadable software, remote music control, and other functions far afield of what MFD’s performed five years ago.